1. cameraleaks:

    © Ettore Moni

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  2. cambond:

    Temporary tattoos with @dolphingold @lamprey 


  3. architectureofdoom:

    Tbilisi, Georgia

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  4. architectureofdoom:


    WAÏF: When architecture is just perfect

    Instituto del Patrimonio Cultural de España

    Fernando Higueras (1930-2008) and Antonio Miró (1931-2011)

    Madrid, 1960-1990


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  5. georgia-burkin:

    Watering time 

    Me n ma plant



  7. jasondinolaphoto:

    University of Rochester

    Rochester, NY

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  8. cambond:

    Drag so hard


  9. kaporter:


    Breaking the rules for macaroons


  10. 2 racy 4 public blog

    with brooke