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    ok so here’s the deal
    Australian followers here’s what’s up
    I wonder if any of you know how seriously the Abbott government is going to completely annihilate young students. My mum has called me and told me I can come back home because she’s so legitimately worried. There’s a…


  3. My perfect rainy Sunday


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    kevin parker is illuminati


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  5. There’s something about roaring rain on my thin tin roof that makes me feel so human


  6. Shower-juice changes everything


  7. …but then I was very disappointed at my profession as an architect, because we are not helping, we are not working for society, but we are working for privileged people, rich people, government, developers. They have money and power. Those are invisible. So they hire us to visualize their power and money by making monumental architecture. That is our profession, even historically it’s the same, even now we are doing the same… people need temporary housing, but there are no architects working there because we are too busy working for privileged people. So I thought, even as architects, we can be involved in the reconstruction of temporary housing. We can make it better. So that is why I started working in disaster areas.
    — Shigeru Ban in his 2013 Ted Talk.  (via subtilitas)

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    Flying kites on Highgate Hill


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    University of Central Florida buildings: library, Howard Phillips Hall, Chemistry Building, Theatre, Millican Hall and Colbourn Hall. Thanks to droptmastyx for the suggestion. View this on the map

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    Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord, a former coal and steel production plant turned into a public park, Latz + Partner, 1991. View this on the map

    Germany is so fucking cool

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